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Green Basement Remodeling Products Near Marquette, Ashland, Iron Mountain

Innovative Green Remodeling from TBF

  • R-15 rigid foam wall insulation is stable, durable & waterproof. It won't attract mold.
  • No fiberglass insulation or drywall -- products that can attract mold and be ruined by moisture.
  • Insulated basement windows feature maintenance-free vinyl frames and low-e glass for additional energy savings.
  • Vinyl-faced wallboard is immune to mold & moisture damage; plus it contains 95% recycled content.
  • Moisture-proof floor underlayment that includes rigid foam insulation for warm basement floors.
  • Moisture-proof flooring tile system includes tile designed to look like genuine ceramic tile. Interlocking installation eliminates the need for mortar and adhesives.
  • ENERGYSTAR® basement dehumidifier removes airborne pollutants (dust, mold spores, etc.) while controlling basement humidity.

Remodeling your basement with the Total Basement Finishing (TBF) system is super GREEN! You'll be gaining extra living space without building an addition that takes up valuable yard space and requires more lumber and energy-intensive building materials (concrete, asphalt shingles, etc.). Our finishing process will make your basement more comfortable and improve your home's overall energy efficiency.  But there's even more green value in the TBF system. The materials we used contain recycled content and no hazardous formaldehyde. Our finishing products won't be damaged by moisture or attract mold. In fact, they easily outlast "off-the-shelf" products that must be replaced when damaged by moisture, mold & hard use. Longevity is another green feature!

Northland Basement Systems is a certified installer of the Total Basement Finishing system -- green products that will last you a lifetime. We offer free quotes throughout the Michigan and Wisconsin area, including Crystal Falls, Woodruff, Minocqua, Park Falls, L'Anse, Ontonagon, Washburn and many areas nearby. Call or e-mail us today to get started!

Protect the environment and create a healthy home

Products like drywall, fiberglass and wood studs have one good quality: They're cheap to buy and easy to install. But they can't be green when used in the basement. When these materials become damp and attract mold, the air you breathe will contain microscopic mold spores that can cause a wide range of serious health problems. Tearing out basement materials damaged by mold & moisture adds to the volume of waste we deposit in landfills -another important environmental issue.

The TBF system avoids these problems, which impact health, environmental quality and your finances. That's why we're your greenest basement finishing option. Do it once, do it right and do it green with TBF.

Green basement finishing products

We'd like to share with you just a few reasons that our basement finishing system is the greenest system on the market! Click on the images below to learn more.

energy efficient basement wall panels

Wall Panels

interlocking basement floor tiles- waterproof

Floor Tiles

finished basement dropped ceiling tile system

TBF Ceiling

energy star rated basement dehumidification system


vinyl double paneled low e glass renovated basement windows


The best green basement remodeling in Michigan and Wisconsin

Energy Efficient, recyclable, long-lasting, responsible manufacturing: The Total Basement Finishing line of remodeling products is the green basement finishing answer you've been looking for!

Northland Basement Systems would like to provide you with a free estimate and 90-page full-color book, "Basement Finishing Science", to help you design a long-lasting, healthy, and beautiful new space in your home. A copy of this book is available with every free basement quote they provide.

Green Basement Remodeling LogoEach finished basement installation includes a written warranty and the backing of the Total Basement Finishing network of basement finishing contractors.

To get started with a free basement remodeling estimate, call us or send them an e-mail today!

Northland Basement Systems proudly serves Michigan and Wisconsin, including Crystal Falls, Woodruff, Minocqua, Park Falls, L'Anse, Ontonagon, Washburn and nearby.

TBF Wall Panels

EverLast™ Basement Walls include 2 1/2 inches of R-13 closed-cell insulation, saving you up to $400/year on your heating and cooling bills.

Made with HCFC blowing agents, EverLast™ Wall Panel's closed-cell polystyrene insulation is 94% less ozone-depleting than standard CFC blowing agents used in other products. This insulation may be reused for various applications.

The 1/2" hard-panel wallboard consists of 95% certified recycled materials. Together, the insulation and wallboard combine to produce a far greener alternative to hard-to-recycle drywall and fiberglass products used in other basement finishing systems.

ThermalDry® Tiled Flooring

All plastic compounds used to create ThermalDry® tiled flooring and sub floor matting are created with post-consumer products, and their plastic compounds are fully recyclable.

Installing ThermalDry® floor matting eliminates the need for several generations of wood sub flooring, as it should last many times longer.

Installing ThermalDry® also creates a thermal break on your basement floor, making the surface 8-10 degrees warmer than the cold concrete below.

TBF Drop Ceiling Tiles

TBF Drop Ceiling Tiles create an environmentally friendly alternative to drywall ceiling options-- no known adverse effects on the ecology are known. Unlike traditional tiles that grow mold and sag in the middle, our ceiling tiles have a 30-year no-sag no-mold written warranty.

Drop Ceilings are ideal for the full range of energy-efficient lighting, including fluorescent lighting, halogen lights, LED lighting, and other options.

Our dropped ceilings are installed on a recyclable metal framing in your home that will stay strong for decades to come.

SaniDry™ XP Basement Dehumidifier

This SaniDry™ XP is a highly efficient basement dehumidifier. Capable of removing 110 pints of water from a basement each day, it's three times more efficient than well-known hardware store models.

The SaniDry™ includes an air filtration system that filters particles out as small as 2 microns, keeping your space healthy and clean. An automatic digital on/off feature allows you to set it and forget it.

This basement dehumidifier is powerful enough for ductwork, allowing you to install it in a closet or utility area, where it ducts dry air into your finished space.

EverLast™ Basement Windows

EverLast™ Basement Windows feature an all-vinyl design that will never corrode, need paint, rot, or support mold growth. Their sleek design helps to eliminate energy-wasting drafts often associated with other designs.

These windows have an insulative R-rating of 2.94, making them more than 30% more energy efficient than traditional single-paned, steel-framed basement windows.

Two panes of Low-E glass help to promote solar gain in the winter and limit it in the summer, keeping your basement warm during cold months, and cooler during the summer.

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