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Northland Basement Systems is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Ishpeming. Learn more about Northland Basement Systems's recent work requests in Ishpeming and nearby areas!

Learn more about Northland Basement Systems' recent work requests in Ishpeming, MI
Vicinity of South Camp Road in Ishpeming
I have a 350 square foot crawl space that I'd like to have encapsulated. Currently there is faced insulation in the floor joists, cement block walls (3 courses) and sand floor.
Vicinity of S. Camp Road in Ishpeming
Water in crawl space below primary residence. Need to speak with someone ASAP to see about having a sump pump installed. Thanks.
Vicinity of Prairie Ave in Ishpeming
I have water coming in several walls in my basement .
Vicinity of N Pansy in Ishpeming
Front porch has an archway and the cement is falling causing it to crack.
Vicinity of North Pansy in Ishpeming
I have a front porch area that needs to be lifted.
Vicinity of W. Division St in Ishpeming
Need a play space/child's bedroom or finished space in my basement. Looking for cost of half finishing or full finishing. Very rudiment needs. Looking for walls and floors.
Vicinity of County Rd Poj in Ishpeming
I inherited my family's old farmhouse in Ishpeming Michigan. It is old and has rock foundation. It also is lower on the end opposite where the earth floor basement is. Water gets in that area too. I want to find out if you think the house is fixable and what the cost would be. Thank you! Jennifer
Vicinity of Cedar Street in Ishpeming
After last rain storm I have some water in my crawl space not a lot but wet spots in some areas and a little bit of water in another area
Vicinity of Glenwood Ln in Ishpeming
Estimate on sump pump install
Vicinity of in Ishpeming
Have to insulate/encapsulate crawl spaces under house.
Vicinity of in Ishpeming
Basement takes on water during rainstorms or rapid winter thaws.
Vicinity of in Ishpeming
Water seeping into basement along block wall/concrete floor joint
Vicinity of in Ishpeming
The basement leaks, and the whole house is uneven from the foundation "falling" in. I want to get it fixed before it's too late
Vicinity of in Ishpeming
Leaking basement
Vicinity of Poplar Street in Ishpeming
Front basement block failing estimate for replacement and/or repair.
Vicinity of N. Daisy St. in Ishpeming
I recently bought this house. We were misled about an odor in the basement. It appears to be either mold or cat urine. I'm trying to find someone who might be able to help with this. Your ad said "all things..." so I thought I'd reach out to you.
Vicinity of Jopling St in Ishpeming
Basement foundation repair
Vicinity of in Ishpeming
My wife and I are considering purchasing a camp on Lake Michigamme (not the address I entered on the form, that's my home address as the property in question is one that we're looking at right now). The camp is 916 square feet and currently is set on wood posts. My concern is that the posts are starting to slant/rot. We're hoping to get an estimate of what it would cost to repair the foundation either by putting new posts in or a new block foundation in order to determine if it's worth it to purchase the property. Thank you for your time!
Vicinity of N Lake Dr in Ishpeming
Water in the basement. Not sure where it is coming from or what it will take to fix it. Not sure about the crawl space areas as well.
Vicinity of Rose Wt in Ishpeming
Cinder block basement about 45 years old moisture mold mildew
Vicinity of White Avenue in Ishpeming
Our concrete slab has sunk about 3 inches a few areas and we would like to get it repaired rather than replacing. The slab is approx. 6'x12'. We are currently siding our house and need to get this repaired.
Vicinity of N Maple in Ishpeming
Portion of driveway is sinking below level of another. Weighing options on mudjack or remove and replace a portion.
Vicinity of Deer Lake Rd in Ishpeming
I have a couple spots in my basement where water is coming and was wondering what the issue could be. I am assuming it has to do with cracks in foundation and what it would take to fix it.
Vicinity of Highland Drive in Ishpeming
My front stairway has fallen down quite a few inches due to dirt underneath being washed out by the rain. I was wondering if your concrete leveling could be a solution to this problem instead of having to tear out the steps and redo them. Please contact me to have a possible estimate. Thanks! Michelle
Vicinity of N Second St in Ishpeming
I have two areas that have water coming in the basement only in the spring and heavy rain storms would like to get a quote to stop this problem please contact me I would like a free quote
Vicinity of Cooper Lake Road in Ishpeming
I have a 24 X 24 not attached garage. The floor is concrete, really old. Looks to be hand poured. Yearsssssss ago. Some spots had large holes. We put blacktop patch in them. I was wondering if I could have a layer over my existing mess??
Vicinity of Prairie Ave in Ishpeming
I bought my home last September and the basement was semi finished. This spring I had a 1/4" of water in the basement and basically had to tear everything out except the drywall and paneling. I'd like to get the paneling down and seal my entire basement and get the paneling back up.

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